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Image Consultant and Services Co., Ltd. one of the IMAGE GROUP subsidiaries, was established in 1993 located in the heart of Central Bangkok. Image Consultant and Services is collaborated with 32 law-firms worldwide to offer superior service quality for all our clients.

Image provides business advisory as a core value by utilizing international business tools to deliver success to our clients. We have encouraged over 100 well known companies domestically and more than 300 international companies' success and carried out with our best quality of services for more than a decade of experiences in consultant and advisory. We offer prompt, professional, personal service and customer-oriented services. We value our customers and offer personal service to each and everyone.

When you choose Image Consultant and Services, you can be assured that you will receive a complete incorporation package with sympatric service behavior because we believe this important step for your business should include everything necessary. Our experience with hundreds of companies has shown us that many new business owners want the fastest and easiest route to move forward their new business started. You will get this here and the peace of mind that there are no formation steps left behind because we have done everything for you!

We do not hide any fees from our customers because price transparency is essential to us. As opposed to some of our competitors, our service fee and state filling fee are provided to our customer up-front. Our incorporation package makes the filing process easy and worry-free so that you can concentrate on other areas of your start-up. Our phones are answered promptly during business hours by a specialist. We appreciate your value of time and understand that a person cannot be replaced by technology. This is especially true when it comes to make important business decisions.

If you are also looking for information on how to derive benefit from offshore companies, then you find the right place. Image Consultant and Services is an industrial leader in running and advising this field, for medium and large business services. We have a lot of products and services geared towards helping clients with everything from incorporation to dissolution.


“To be a leading global consultant and diversify our services in all areas of businesses”


“Integrity of all business tools with our Magnificent Advisory to create globalization for all entrepreneurs”


Our goal is to assist our clients to make unique, enduring and concrete improvements in their performance and to build a firm that is able to gain the most benefits from new strategies provided.

We provide our clients with premium financial consulting services in order to create the most satisfaction in helping the clients to achieve their goal.

To achieve this goal, we serve our clients as primary counselors by playing the unifying role in problem solving implementation and capability building. We shall achieve this by building lasting, trust based relationships with our clients and endeavor for exceptional quality and distinctive impact. We follow the top management approach and adhere to professional standards. As a financial consultant enterprise, we manage client and firm resources in the most cost effective manner.

Consulting Team

We strongly believe that our service quality combined with international effective business approaches is able to create success to customers’ business. We improve our techniques, skills, knowledge and service quality continuously to maximize profitability to the customers.

With great teamwork, Image has been led to efficiency environment by creating our own service mind culture to be an ambitious and successful consultant organization.

Image services

Image Consultant and Services Co., Ltd. aims to help customers improve their performance by creating consensus in financial business, and regarding an opportunity in financial area to develop their new products and services. The clients can assess profitability and find the best way to strengthen competitive advantages and reduce business risk.

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