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The Accounting department is one of the most important departments that every company pays a lot of attention to.

However, in every organization there are some problems and difficulties about accounting and taxation that incur.

Image Consultant and Services Co., Ltd. is providing business advisory and financial consultation to well-known companies both domestic and overseas. We diversify ourselves to “Smart Accounting Service” one of services of our company to serve our customers.With more than ten years of experience and a good team of accountants, we are providing superior service in all areas of accounting for all companies to solve their problems about accounting and taxation. To make your statement clean and right for taxation and the revenue department as well as making your accounting efficient to bring the company towards to success in the future.
Scope of Services

  br 24 hours solving accounting and taxation problems via E-mail and Facsimile (FAX)
br Operation of accounting and prepare income statement in detail
br Annual accounting audit
br Provide accounting advisory and training for your account staffs
br Provide the services in set up accounting system for your company and internal   audit
br Provide consultation in quality tax planning
br Provide financial analysis with recommendation
br Provide business consultation in BOI, ISO
br Apply for work permit and Visa for foreigner business
Scope of accounting in the specific project
  br Prepare monthly Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
br Inspect documents and advise for currently record.
br Inspect company Income Statement for tax planning.
br Provide a Yearly Auditing Service and Profit and Loss Statement by a certified   C.P.A Licensed representative.
br Providing half year Corporate Income Application Form (Por.Ngo.Do.51) and
   submit the ready form to Income Service Department.
br Provide Yearly Corporate Income Application Form (Por.Ngo.Do.50)
   Submit the ready form to Income Service Department.
br Provide monthly Personal Income Tax, Withholding Tax
   (Por.Ngo.Do.1, 3, 53 and Por.Por. 30), Social Insurance
   (Sor.Por.Sor.1-10) and submit to Government

  br Image will offer special condition for the consulting clients of the audited
   fiscal year.
br Image reserves the right to adjust the fee charged with regard to   suitability in   each type of business. The fee charged will be notified in the
  submitted quotation at the beginning of each year.
br Service fee has excluded the auditor’s and the accountant’s signature.
br This service both parties shall consider and agree upon the fee and scope   of work
   on a year by year basis.
br The company must submit all monthly accounting documents and   inform us   every matters concerned.
br The correction of financial statement, it depends on the complete   audition in   accounting documents that the companies submit to.
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